San Antonio Air Conditioning and Heating specialists – All Star Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with the Service, Repair or Replacement of your Furnace or Residential Heating and Cooling System.


About All Star Heating and Air Conditioning San Antonio Texas
Owner, Lonny Choske, has worked in the air conditioning industry in San Antonio, TX for over 15 years – learning the basics in the family business and moving to his own business as a Licensed HVAC Contractor since 1998. His hand picked team of AC and Heating technicians are registered with the State of Texas, available by dispatch to any location, in and around San Antonio, within an hour, and respectful of your time and property.

Our Character

• Integrity: We are forthright and truthful in our dealings with clients, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders. We keep our promises.

• Teamwork: We support each team member equally in order to help strengthen and build successful long-term relationships.

• Respect: We treat our clients, fellow employees, and other industry professionals with the utmost respect.

• Excellence: We will be in strict accordance with the highest of industry standards.

Passion for Service

• Motivated: We offer a progressive career path for anyone who has the heart and desire to grow within our company and a passion to serve.

• Relentless Enthusiasm: We believe that having a positive attitude demonstrates you having a commitment for excellence. It involves doing the little things that show you care.

• Personal Development: We believe that to be the best in our industry requires each of us to continue our personal growth and development to enhance our commitment and dedication to serve people.

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